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Data Protection Statement

Biocraft Ltd is committed to data protection and data privacy. With the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) becoming enforceable on the 25th May 2018, we have undertaken a GDPR readiness programme to review our entire company, the way we handle data and the way in which we use it to provide our services.

Our GDPR readiness programme is looking at the following areas:

  • Staff training and awareness – how GDPR, the Data Protection Bill and the ePrivacy Regulation will impact clients, employees and the supply chain
  • Supplier management – ensuring all appropriate security, organisational controls and governance processes meet the demands of our clients and of Biocraft Ltd as it continues to grow
  • Development – ensuring we maintain our commitment to best practice and developing systems which meet recognised security standards and making sure we meet our commitment to privacy by design
  • Individuals rights – refining our approach to handling requests for data, or the handling of data, to meet the new demands of GDPR (including the right of subject access, cease processing requests and erasure of personal data)
  • Data mapping – a full review of all processes and systems to truly understand the customer experience, the data we hold and the way in which it is used
  • Data retention – confirming data retention periods meet contractual, legal and organisations requirements.
  • Privacy notices – reviewing all notices to inform clients and employees of the way we handle their data
  • HR support – preparing our HR services to incorporate important aspects of GDPR for our clients

Biocraft Ltd has a designated Data Protection Officer who oversees our information governance practices and coordinates our efforts to ensure we continue to manage personal data in the way our clients expect.

Here at Biocraft Ltd we are fully committed to the principles of data protection and to safeguarding our data and that of our clients – as such we pledge that we shall be fully prepared for GDPR and that we will exceed our clients’ expectations before GDPR is enforced.

For any questions, please contact the Data Protection Officer:

Martin Fosbrook
Biocraft Ltd
109 School Road
RG31 5BH
[email protected]