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Basement Conversion Costs

A basement conversion can add so much value to your home. As well as providing some much-needed additional living space, it can also increase the selling price. To give you an idea of how much a basement conversion can add to the value of your property, we’ve included a couple of case studies below.

A first floor, two-bedroom apartment in Ascot valued at £820,000, was revalued at £985,000 following the conversion of a full sized basement. The conversion added another large bedroom, a study, a shower room and a wine cellar. The cost of the conversion was £110,000.

A mid-terrace property with an unconverted 1/2 size basement in Reading had a £35k basement improvement project. It added £85k to the value of the property, together with the addition of 25% extra floor space.

Your damp basement can become a workshop, playroom, den, home cinema, office, studio, archive room, extra bedroom or even an apartment with kitchen and bathroom. You decide what you want and Biocraft will do the rest.

What is the cost of a basement conversion?

The cost of a basement conversion depends on the size of the basement, if you need to increase headroom, underpinning, rerouting services (water, gas, sewer) and the finish that’s required. Basement conversions can range from £10k to over £250k, but always represent value for money due to the increase in property value and the addition of living space.

If you would like to arrange a quote for a basement conversion, please call 0800 781 8358 or email [email protected].

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