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Dehumidifiers for Condensation Control 

Dehumidifiers can be used as a temporary method of condensation control in buildings. They work by removing water from the air by passing the humid air over a cold surface. The removed condensation water is either collected in a container which requires frequent emptying or in larger, more expensive dehumidifiers, the water is discharged directly to a drain. In most cases, dehumidifiers should be considered a temporary method of controlling condensation. Dehumidifiers deal with the effects of condensation, but don’t remove the cause.


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Why dehumidifiers are a temporary solution to severe condensation and mould:

  • They can cost up to a £3.00/day to run, compared to 2p/day for a whole home ventilation system.
  • They use 300-500w of energy, compared to 8w for a whole home ventilation system.
  • They can require frequent emptying of the water collection container.
  • Dehumidifiers tend to be noisy.
  • They don’t provide fresh air, they just recirculate stale air.
  • They only remove moisture from the area in which they’re situated and therefore more than one dehumidifier may be required for the whole property.

What causes condensation?

A number of factors can cause condensation including:

  • Lack of adequate ventilation.
  • Lack of adequate heating (ideally internal temperatures should be 18-21°C to assist with condensation control).
  • Poor insulation of floors, walls and roof spaces.
  • Excessive moisture production by the occupants (drying clothes, using gas cookers with no extract fans, long showers and boiling pans without lids).

Usually, the most effective and economic solution for excessive condensation is the installation of a whole home ventilation system, such as the Drimaster ECO or Flatmaster.


Biocraft offers condensation control services throughout Berkshire, Hampshire, Surrey and Oxfordshire. To arrange a condensation survey, please call 0800 781 8358 or email [email protected].