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Water Leak Detection Surveys

The damage that can be suffered as a result of leaking pipes shouldn’t be underestimated – a 0.5mm leak can cause a loss of 20 litres of water an hour.

Even if a leaking pipe is noticed, the cost and disruption associated with locating the source could be excessive. Too often, walls and floors are unnecessarily damaged and there are no guarantees that the leak will be found.

Water leaks in domestic and commercial properties are frequently hidden and hard to locate which is where a survey can help.

Why use water leak detection survey?

Water leak detection surveys provide a non-destructive solution to finding hidden pipe leaks. In contrast to traditional leak detection methods of large-scale excavation, our leak detection surveys utilise specialist equipment. Coupled with technical leak detection expertise to identify hidden pipe leaks we can detect leaks quickly and accurately. This saves you both time and money.

Here at Biocraft, we carry out water leak detection surveys for domestic and commercial properties throughout Berkshire, Hampshire, Surrey and Oxfordshire.

What methods of water leak detection do we use?

We use a range of the latest proven leak detection techniques such as acoustic profiling, thermal imaging, endoscopy and tracer gas technology. In addition, we can also use a thermal imaging camera and thermal imaging output for leak detection.

What are the common sources of water leaks?

A leak detection technician will use one, or a combination of these specialist water leak detection techniques to investigate the cause of the leak. They will also identify possible leak sources including:

  • Mains incoming supply
  • Hot and cold water supply
  • Central heating pipes
  • Waste water pipes

Biocraft’s trained engineers can respond quickly to your leak detection requirements which reduces the potential for damage caused. Your leak detection report will include:

  • Logged moisture readings for each area
  • Digital photographs of likely water ingress areas and mark ups on site

Using these techniques, in the majority of cases it’s possible to locate the leak to within a small area. This location will be clearly identified so that the leak can be excavated and repaired, with minimal cost and disruption.

Biocraft can carry out all necessary repairs and restoration works associated with leaking pipes. We will liaise with your insurance company or agent in relation to your claim.

To arrange a water leak detection survey in Berkshire, Hampshire Surrey or Oxfordshire, call 0800 781 8358 or email [email protected].

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