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Condensation Season is Here

OCTOBER 2018 CONDENSATION SEASON IS HERE AGAIN! Condensation can be a significant problem for homeowners in the winter months as the external air temperature falls, water from the air forms as condensation on cold surfaces such as windows and external walls. This...

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Issues with condensation in Newbury

Issues with Condensation If you are experiencing high levels of condensation on windows in your home, or are beginning to see a build-up of mould on window sills and corners of the room, get in touch with our condensation control experts today. You can arrange for a...

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Condensation on windows in Berkshire

Condensation on windows in Berkshire Sometimes it can be difficult to prevent condensation on windows and walls around your home. As one of the most common causes of damp and increased levels of moisture within your home, condensation can very quickly lead to...

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