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Bat Conservation and Woodworm Treatment

All species of bat and their roosts are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 in the UK. Under section 9, it’s illegal for any person (without a licence) to intentionally disturb, injure or kill a wild bat, to possess or exchange a bat or to intentionally damage or obstruct access to any place that a bat uses for shelter or protection. Bats don’t make nests or cause structural damage, so the most obvious signs of activity is droppings.

Remedial companies are duty-bound to inform the property owner to liaise with the government’s Statutory Nature Conservation Organisation (SNCO), English Nature in England, Nature Conservancy Council for Scotland and Countryside Council for Wales, in relation to any works in bat inhabited areas.

A programme of treatment will be devised in coordination with the SCNO to ensure that the bat habitat is not disturbed.


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