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Causes of Condensation and Mould

Condensation occurs when air with a high water vapour content comes into contact with cool surfaces (below dew point temperature). The water condenses from the air, resulting in the formation of water droplets on the cold surfaces. The presence of black spot mould on walls is an indication of excessive condensation. Excessive and prolonged condensation can lead to the rotting of window sills, dampness on walls and mould growth.

Treating condensation

Dehumidifiers are costly to run, require emptying and should only be considered as a temporary measure. Dehumidifiers and anti-condensation paints simply treat the effects and don’t remove the cause. Reducing the moisture loading in the air and/or improving ventilation is by far the most effective method of dealing with condensation. Whole home ventilation systems are cost-effective and will remove the cause and effects.


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