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Basement conversion planning

Now that you have decided to convert your basement, there are some important factors you must consider in order to prevent any unexpected surprises.

It is essential that you have all the relevant information in order to obtain a full understanding of what is involved in converting your basement. There are many factors which need careful consideration as they can adversely affect the cost of the project.

It is advisable to determine whether you live in a listed building or conservation area, therefore contacting your local planning office is recommended, as more often than not you will require planning consent for most property renovation work.

However, converting or renovating an existing basement generally does not require planning permission, unless the basement conversion is likely to change the appearance of the property’s exterior, such as adding a window or light well.

Biocraft is well versed in industry standards, we work closely with every one of our clients from design to completion. We can assist with planning applications and liaise with local authorities on your behalf.

When carrying out a basement conversion, alterations to the property’s floor structure may be required in order to obtain suitable head room. This would require the excavation of the existing floor slab, which could potentially undermine the property’s existing foundations. Therefore, in order to reinforce the building’s structural integrity, the existing walls would need to be underpinned.

Should the proposed works affect a party wall in any way, (e.g. party walls or the vicinity are subject to extensions, excavations or underpinning; newly instated supports bear onto a party wall), then the owners and leaseholders of both the building within which the proposed basement works are to take place and those of adjoining properties must be informed, under the Party Wall Act 1996.

When submitting an application we advise our clients to do so under the ‘full plans’ application process rather than the ‘building notice’ procedure. When a ‘full plans’ application is deposited, a Building Control Surveyor formally checks the drawings and details submitted. Any deficiencies and potential problems should then be resolved before the application is approved. Drawings must accurately represent the existing building; its construction and internal layout as well as the proposed works and layout.

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