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Prepurchase Damp & Timber Surveys

Before buying a property, a survey is needed in order to provide a detailed inspection of any potential structural problems. In some cases, a buyer may also choose to have a damp and timber survey carried out prior to making a purchase. Biocraft carries out specialist damp and timber pre-purchase surveys for residential and commercial properties throughout Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Hampshire and Surrey. We cover Reading, Newbury, Maidenhead, Bracknell, Windsor, Ascot, Oxford, Basingstoke and the surrounding areas.

When a valuation or full structural survey finds damp, it’s common for them to recommend further investigation by a specialist. Common findings on valuation surveys include:

  • Elevated moisture meter readings or dampness in walls
  • Signs of dampness in walls and the floor
  • Evidence of wood boring insect infestation in roof timbers
  • Evidence of dry rot decay in floor timbers
  • Given the age and nature of certain buildings, a specialist damp and timber report may be recommended

These general findings need further investigation to ensure that a prospective buyer is aware of the costs which would be involved in rectifying any potential defects.

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What does a damp survey involve?

A Biocraft damp surveyor will examine the property both internally and externally. This will enable us to assess the condition of the building as well as identify any defects which could lead to water ingress and damp conditions.

Our surveyors use observation and experience along with a range of electrical moisture meters to carry out the following:

  • Wall profiling
  • Measuring the moisture content of timber
  • On-site moisture content readings using carbide moisture meters
  • Sampling of wall materials for laboratory quantitative moisture measurement (if required)
  • Measuring moisture in solid floors using equilibrium relative humidity (ERH) boxes
  • We can also install data loggers to measure temperature, relative humidity and dew points in properties that suffer for severe condensation, dampness and mould growth

The damp survey will determine the nature and cause of the damp as well as highlight the extent of any repair or remediation work. Occasionally it will be necessary to carry out a further damp survey investigation, especially if we determine that the source of damp is related to a concealed leak in a water pipe. Your written report will be available electronically and will be emailed directly to you upon completion.

Following the specialist damp survey, should you wish to proceed with the recommended damp proofing or related damp works, it will be scheduled for a time convenient for you. Work will be completed under the supervision of your appointed project supervisor who will be responsible for the project until completion.

To arrange a specialist damp survey or for advice on damp problems, please call 0800 781 8358 or email [email protected].

It is important to correctly diagnose the source of dampness before any remedial action is taken. It is common to find more than one source of moisture affecting a building. To arrange a dampness or leak detection survey please call 01189 451144.

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