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One of two Positive Input Ventilation Systems, the Flatmaster is one the UK’s most popular methods of low-energy whole home ventilation. Designed for flats, apartments and basements, the Flatmaster is quick and easy to install and maintain. It’s a cost-effective solution for both new build and retro-fit properties which require reliable and efficient ventilation systems.

The Flatmaster range has been specifically designed to ventilate homes without lofts. The system introduces air into the home at a continuous low rate, eliminating condensation dampness and forcing out indoor pollutants such as Radon gas and carbon monoxide. Allergens are kept to a minimum and outdoor pollutants such as pollen and traffic fumes are kept out. The result is a fresh and healthy indoor environment.

The aesthetically pleasing and compact unit is installed in a convenient location, such as a kitchen cupboard or hallway, and is ducted to a central location. Multi-positional spigots allow for quicker installation with only one external wall penetration.


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Features and benefits of the Flatmaster:

  • Cures condensation dampness.
  • Removes humidity from the air which prevents mould growth and controls dust-mite allergens.
  • Improves indoor air quality.
  • Meets Part F and L of building regulations.
  • Extremely low power consumption – as low as three watts.
  • Easy installation and low maintenance – filter clean or replacement once every 18 months.
  • Comes with a five-year warranty – one-year parts and labour, remaining four years parts only (UK and Ireland only).


For more information about PIV systems or to book installation, please call 0800 781 8358 or email [email protected].