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Whether you’re looking for a little extra storage space or a cosy little hideaway from the rest of the house, Biocraft provide bespoke basement conversions in Windsor. As a leading damp proofing company in the Berkshire area, you can be at ease knowing your new basement conversion is completely waterproof. From start to finish, our experienced team will leave you with a beautiful new room you can be proud of and enjoy all year round. All basement conversions in Windsor are personalised and tailored to your specifications.

To find out more about basement waterproofing Windsor, contact Biocraft today by email at [email protected] or by phone on 01189 451144.

Basement waterproofing services in Windsor

Most basements we convert have been previously used for storage, or not at all. The reason for this is because of poor basement waterproofing, as many homes have little to no damp proofing in important areas of their basement. Recent developments in basement waterproofing has seen cavity membranes prevail as the leading basement waterproofing technique. Architects and surveyors turn to cavity membranes as they can be securely fixed throughout a basement and provide unparalleled basement waterproofing compared to other techniques.

Constructed as studded plastic sheets, the tough cavity membranes use highly resistant fixings that come together to form a waterproof seal. The cavity membranes are placed across the floors and connected to the walls using a wall/floor junction, which is also waterproof. Once completely sealed, the cavity membrane forms an impenetrable, water-tight seal, and keeps any penetrating ground water behind the membrane. Any moisture and water that enters in between the membrane and floor are diverted to an allocated drainage point by constructing a small drainage system or channels within the floor.

Some basement conversions and waterproofing will require alterations to the property’s internal floor structure to provide suitable headroom and space throughout the basement. If this is the case, our team would have to excavate the flooring area that may compromise existing foundations. Because of this, our surveyors will underpin all existing walls to increase the buildings overall structural integrity.

Damp proofing basement conversion in Windsor

All basement conversions carried out by Biocraft are preserved with damp proofing treatments beyond the initial waterproof membrane installation. Additional treatments that can be employed include the application of cement-based coverings to inner wall structures. Our specialist cement-based mixtures are designed to resist moisture and dampness and will keep your new basement dry and healthy.

Providing conversions above and beyond the industry standards, our experienced team of waterproofing technicians and craftsmen can provide you with a beautiful living space in no time. Becoming a more popular decision by families, basement extensions are an economical option when considering a home move. Adding that extra room could solve your space and functionality issues that would regularly be solved by moving to a larger property.

Our trusted trader reviews speak for themselves and prove our efficiency and excellence when it comes to basement waterproofing and conversion. Our basement conversions in Windsor also consider all planning permission applications and property legislation.

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