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What would you do with six more meters?

A few years back, permitted development rules were relaxed which has made it easier for home owners to extend their property without having to go through the rigmarole of a full planning application. Last year, these permissions were extended until May 2019 giving even more people the opportunity to add a bit more space (eight meters for a detached house and six meters for an attached house) to their home. This week, ‘The Abode’ is taking a look at what you could do with an extra six to eight meters of space.

Make your welcome warmer

Add a porch to the front or rear of your property to boost storage space for coats, bags and boots that always seem to end up dumped in the hallway. Plus, if your front door leads directly into your lounge, it’s a great way to create a buffer room at the front of the house while also making your home more welcoming. With the possibility of adding up to eight meters of space, depending on the type of property you live in, you could even create space for a downstairs cloakroom or utility area – all key selling points if you decide to move on in future years.

Make the kitchen the heart of your home

If you’ve ever had a party or even a small group of friends over, you’ll have noticed that the kitchen has a strange magnetic pull which makes people want to gather together there. Couple that with the rise in popularity of healthy-eating cookbooks and superstar amateur baking TV shows and you have to conclude that the kitchen is the ideal room to extend. From adding additional workspace to creating a family dining space, an extra six meters could help ensure that the kitchen really is the heart of your home.

Work smarter

Around 4.2 million people in the UK work from home. With more flexibility from employers comes the need for additional office space. Rather than repurposing a bedroom or taking over the kitchen table, adding a small extension could make all the difference to obtaining the perfect work life balance.

Break the boundaries

Break out spaces needn’t be reserved for the world of work – they can be incorporated in to your home as well. It might seem a bit frivolous to extend just for the sake of it but investing in additional space can pay dividends in the long run. You could use it as a playroom by day and a dining area by night. With some clever planning, it could be a space for teenage children to watch TV of an evening – it could even provide the space for your favourite hobby Whatever you choose to do, adding a multipurpose space can work wonders for family harmony and you should add some value to your property at the same time.

If you’re thinking of adding more space to your home make sure you use a member of the Federation of Master Builders. All Master Builders are vetted and inspected on joining and can offer a warranty on their work. Visit to find a Master Builder in your area.

Remember you will need approval from Local Authority Building Control on any building projects you undertake. For further advice on permitted development rules, please visit your local planning authority’s website.