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How to Repair a Wall Affected by Penertrating Dampness

How to repair a wall affected by penetrating dampness

A wall that is affected by penetrating dampness, such as leaking or overflowing guttering can usually be easily repaired.

  1. Find source of damp problem and repair it as soon as possible, i.e. fix or replace guttering. If you need a reputable builder, try the FMB find a builder website.


  1. Promote drying of the internal wall surface, ideally use a dehumidifier and/or air moving fan to promote rapid drying. Tenting (using plastic sheeting to focus the dry air from the dehumidifier to the affected area) can speed up this process.


  1. Once dry, redecorate. If there is staining or salting, the area will need to be prepared using a stabiliser or stain blocker. If the problem is long term and there is significant salt contamination or blown plaster, then some re-plastering may be required.


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