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Mould and Condensation Control

Mould and condensation are problems that are experienced by many households throughout the colder months. Left unchecked, it can lead to unhealthy living conditions and damage to furniture, decorations and personal effects. Although the problem can cause a lot of damage, musty odours and poor air quality, it can be simple to prevent. Relatively small changes in how you live in your home, the amount of moisture you produce, and how you heat and ventilate your home can result in big improvements in properties that suffer from severe condensation and mould. The Bioclear system provides the information and means to carry out the changes needed to prevent mould and condensation problems at source.

Typical severe condensation and mould problems

Most homes with have some condensation in the winter months, it is a normal result of moisture produced in the home coming into contact with cold surfaces. In well heated and ventilated homes, the condensation usually clears quickly and the relative humidity in the home stay within the 40-60% range. If the relative humidity is allowed to rise to above ~ 75% for extended periods then mould is likely to start growing in corners of rooms, on the back of furniture on out side walls and clothes etc.

Mould on lounge wall wall

Mould on lounge wall


The Bioclear system is a unique product that allows mould to be safely removed. The Bioclear temperature and relative humidity sensors monitor the air conditions and allow the occupants to make the simple changes that can prevent mould and severe condensation forming in the first place.

Bioclear mould and condensation system

Bioclear mould and condensation control system

Simple and Effective

Three easy steps to a mould free home with Bioclear

  1. Clean mould from affected areas
  2. Monitor temperature and relative humidity
  3. Take steps to reduce condensation

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Bioclear Mould and Condensation Control System Leaflet

The Bioclear system costs £54.00 inclusive of VAT  plus £8.00 postage and packaging.

To order the Bioclear Mould and condensation control system please call 01189 451144 or email [email protected]